QUADRA GAMING STORES offers the technical support for the gamers by our qualified team and technicians. We are ready to serve you with your favorite online game such as: World of warcraft, league of legends, battlefield, Titan Fall, Aion, Dtoa, Call of Duty, world of tanks, Starcraft, Diablo, guild wars, assassins creed, Tera, Blade and Soul, final fantasy, Elder Scrolls and a lot more upcoming. QUADRA GAMING STORES also deal with the best brands in the world such as: Razer – Turtlebeach – Steelseries – Madcatz – Cooler Master – Asus – Logitech – Intel – Microsoft – MSI – GeForce – eVGA – Thermaltake – Gigabyte – Asrock – Xtreamer – OCZ – W.D - – Seagate – Pioneer – Sapphire – Corsair – Kingston – Toshiba.



QUADRA GAMING STORES is a branch of DAR TECHNICAL for Gen. TRADING Co. that established in 1997. It was one of the pioneer companies that focusing on the latest technology in the computer hardware, software and accessories. The beginning with SOFT ISLAND COMPUTER that was one of the famous shops in the computer market in Kuwait in short time. Afterwards it became a large company as (DAR TECHNICAL for Gen. TRADING Co.) that contains many business branches that focusing in technology field. QUADRA GAMING STORES is one of a kind branches that cares for the high-end systems for online gamers including online games accessories, merchandise, toys and figures.


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